Blog Writing Services

  • December 23, 2016
  • by Gabriel Sutton

A well-written blog can boost your SEO, attract visitors to your website, and establish you as an industry influencer. The writers at SearchCopy will help you get more value out of your blog by creating high-quality content that is specifically tailored to your target audience. Only 5% of the writers we train end up making our team, and an Associated Press Stylebook expert will edit each piece of content that you order.

Why Are Hard-Hitting Blog Content Writers Essential For Online Success?

There once was a time when companies could move up Google’s search ranks by publishing mediocre blog posts. However, since the Penguin update and Google’s crackdown on Internet spam, high-quality blogs have ruled the Web.

The blog writers at SearchCopy will help you get more value out of your content by tailoring the topics, style, and voice to your specific audience. Before our authors type a single word, they will take the time to research your website and company, unfamiliar industry terms, target keywords, and the blog strategies of your competitors. This approach has helped more than 300 of our clients reach first-page Google ranks for target keywords.


What Makes A Good Blog Writer?

Modern SEO is all about the content. If you plan to climb the search ranks with thousands of backlinks from paid link services, think again. Google has been penalizing SEOs who use link schemes. Today, no business can enjoy a fruitful online presence without the help of a professional content writer.

Blog writers are a particular breed. Like news reporters, they know how to research facts and reference multiple sources to produce informative, original content. Many of the same factors define quality journalism and blogging, which is why we require all of our article writers to have professional journalism experience.

Unlike a standard journalist, an SEO blog writer must create captivating content while still adhering to search ranking factors. The content must help readers solve their problems better than any other content on the Web. That said, journalism experience alone doesn’t make someone a talented blog writer; it takes an up-to-date knowledge of best-practice SEO and the ability to research unfamiliar industries and businesses.

Why Choose SearchCopy’s Blog Writing Service?

The editors at SearchCopy provide constant feedback and ongoing training to our writers, which ensures that our team can provide consistent quality. Our editors are Associated Press Stylebook experts, and at least one editor will review each blog that you order.

Our article writers and editors are familiar with all aspects of on-page SEO and digital copywriting standards. We can help you avoid mistakes that could lead to a Google penalty.

Our authors will take the time to research multiple sources and relevant studies to create original content that offers value to your target audience. We use Copyscape to screen each blog for copyright infringement.

Your Blogs Will Be Ready To Publish And Promote On Social Media

Writing a stellar blog post is just one piece of the content marketing puzzle. You also have to share that content on social media. This will expose your blogs to your target consumers and possibly to writers who are willing to link to your page, which could boost your SEO.

If you order high-quality blog posts from SearchCopy, you can get more value out of your content by sponsoring your posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks. If you do not know how to sponsor your blog posts, our editors can walk you through the process.

Stop Wasting Money On Lousy Blog Writers And Content Mills

Many of our clients have similar complaints about content mills: Yes, they offer a convenient way to order blogs; however, the content contains grammar mistakes and ineffective style. As a client of SearchCopy, you can expect the quality of an in-house writing team at a fraction of the cost.

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