Legal Blog Writing Services

  • December 25, 2016
  • by Gabriel Sutton

The most effective legal blog posts offer valuable information to readers and help the attorney build a reputation as a legal expert. Our content writers have produced more than 6,000 blogs for law firms, and in that time, we’ve learned how to satisfy even the pickiest attorneys.

Stop Losing Clients Due To Poor Writing

If you’ve ever written legal blog posts, you know that lawyers have a talent for spotting minor imperfections. Scrutinizing the details of written content comes with their profession – so it’s not easy to find legal copywriters who can satisfy attorneys.

If you’re losing legal clients due to poor writing, contact SearchCopy. With our legal blog writing service, you can rest assured that your content will be useful to readers, concise, and factually accurate.


Our legal content writers understand the importance of following Bar Association advertising guidelines to keep attorneys out of trouble. We also screen all of our blogs with Copyscape to avoid copyright infringement.

What Makes Good SEO Blog Posts For Law Firms?

Legal copywriters must adhere to dozens of Google ranking factors when creating content for attorney blogs. Also, the writing must be grammatically flawless and eloquent to help the client build a reputation as a legal expert.

Unfortunately, just because an author has SEO writing experience doesn’t mean that he or she can produce effective blog posts for attorneys. Lawyers want their blogs to provide useful information to potential clients and convey legal expertise. Put simply, the attorney needs to be willing to put his or her name on the content – and that’s a tall order if you hire a writer without legal writing experience.

At SearchCopy, we know how to overcome the common complaints that attorneys have about blog posts. We’ll keep your clients satisfied by:

  • Using topics that attract the attorney’s target audience;
  • Referencing credible sources including government websites and state-specific statutes;
  • Incorporating high-level punctuation, eloquent style, and proper grammar;
  • Using a reader-friendly structure that allows visitors to scan the content for useful takeaways; and
  • Being concise by eliminating unnecessary points from the content.

Common Mistakes Lawyer Blog Writers Make

Even if you hire an established writer who uses high-level punctuation and impressive diction, he or she is likely to make mistakes when writing for attorneys. The author might not know that the laws in each state are dramatically different. He or she also may reference outdated sources and make misstatements of fact.

The editors at SearchCopy know the common mistakes that attorney blog post writers make. We won’t submit your content for publication unless it has met our strict quality standards.

How Much Do Attorney Blog Posts Cost?

At SearchCopy, we have a content writing system that was specifically developed for attorneys. This allows us to produce original content quickly without compromising the quality. As such, our rates are substantially lower than most writers who would offer the same quality.

The price of our legal blog posts depends on several factors – namely, how long it takes to produce your content and the number of pieces that you order. We offer discounts for bulk orders.

The high quality of our writing will help you attract new legal clients and maintain those clients through the years. That translates into higher yearly revenues for your Internet marketing agency.

Our Authors Can Write For Any Legal Area

Just because a writer can produce exceptional content for a personal injury lawyer does not mean that he or she will impress a family or immigration attorney. But at SearchCopy, our writers and editors have experience producing content for almost every legal practice area including:

  • Family and divorce law;
  • Criminal law;
  • Business, patent, contract, and entertainment law;
  • Tax law;
  • Personal injury law; and
  • Immigration law.

Call us today at 757-447-3950 to learn more about our legal content writing service.