Why Choose SearchCopy?

The quality of the writing on your website, blog, and social media accounts will influence how your audience perceives your brand. At SearchCopy, our mission is to provide content of the highest possible quality that helps our clients get the maximum ROI out of their Internet marketing strategies. Only 5% of the writers we train make our team, and an Associated Press Stylebook expert will edit each piece of content that you order.

A Flexible Writing System That Consistently Produces Stellar Content

Many of our clients have similar complaints about the copywriting services they’ve used in the past. At first, the content was fantastic, but for some reason, the quality dropped over time.

This is incredibly common, and there are many reasons why it might happen. Some writing services let their top-tier authors handle the trial assignments, and once acquired, the projects are reassigned to low-cost writers. Other writing services are simply unable to keep up with fluctuating quotas, technical topics, and clients who demand flawless grammar.

At SearchCopy, we take a different approach by keeping the same writers and editors assigned to each project. This allows the quality of the content to improve as our team members grow more familiar with the industry terminology, audience, and topics related to your particular field.

Thanks to our innovative scheduling system, which combines in-house editors and writers with carefully vetted freelancers, we are able to handle fluctuating quotas without compromising the quality of the content.

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