Newsletter Writing Services

  • December 26, 2016
  • by Gabriel Sutton

A creative newsletter that offers value to recipients may be the missing piece of your email marketing strategy. Our authors will populate your newsletter with clever writing and strategically placed calls to action.

Newsletters Your Audience Will Want To Read

Like most forms of digital media, newsletters have changed quite a bit over the years. Thanks to advancements in email technology, graphic design, and website development, newsletters have become popular for all sorts of businesses and organizations.

The qualities that define a “good” newsletter have certainly evolved over the years, but the most important factor hasn’t changed: quality writing. Whether your newsletter promotes new products or services, or just reminds readers of upcoming events, a talented newsletter copywriter will make sure your circular captivates readers and keeps them informed.


Our newsletter writing service has produced content for businesses ranging from alternative medicine to entertainment websites and charity organizations. Call 757-447-3950 to get a quote on your newsletter project.

How To Produce A Quality Newsletter

Writing excellent newsletters requires an author with a particular level of versatility. Newsletters, after all, can be entirely different from one business to the next. But just like every other type of online copy, writing compelling e-newsletters comes down to two factors: audience and purpose.

Why are people reading your newsletter? What information does your audience demand? These questions should be the starting point for your newsletters. They will determine the structure, word choice, calls to action, and subject line.

There are certain factors that make newsletters particularly challenging to produce. For example, businesses publish newsletters on all types of media—from paper handouts to email and social networks. That’s why it’s important to have a writer who’s seen it all and is prepared to tailor your newsletter to the publication.

Although a newsletter may comprise various graphics and even a comic or two, the writing should be the main focus. It should be mistake-free, informative, and entertaining, all while accomplishing the goals of the distributor. Even as plain text, the words should be captivating.

If you would like more information about our newsletter writing service, call 757-447-3950 to schedule a free consultation.