Law Firm SEO

  • February 17, 2017
  • by Gabriel Sutton

The SEO specialists at SearchCopy will evaluate your website and the sites of your competitors to find out why your law firm is lagging behind on Google and Bing. Call us today to schedule a free SEO audit.

Law Firm SEO Works – And We’ll Prove It

You’re probably aware that reaching the top ranks of Google for target keywords will help you attract more clients and boost your law firm’s revenue. You may also know the important roles that blog writing, social media marketing, and backlinks play in law firm SEO.

What you may not know, though, is why your competitors are performing well on Google while your site is lagging behind. This is where SearchCopy can help.

In a free consultation, we will evaluate your site and the websites of your competitors and explain the exact reasons why your law firm’s SEO efforts are not producing results. From there, we will help you set measureable SEO goals and outline the strategies we will use to help you achieve them.

How Is SearchCopy’s Approach To SEO For Attorneys Different From Other Internet Marketing Agencies?

Google’s algorithm changes rapidly, and the strategies that once worked well for legal SEO have become obsolete. If you’ve done your homework on law firm SEO, then you know that your website needs high-quality content and authentic backlinks to rank well.

At SearchCopy, we have a team of legal copywriters who have perfected the art of producing stellar content for law firms. Our content is eloquent, concise and, perhaps most important, legally accurate.

Some attorney SEO firms are under the impression that a talented blog writer is all it takes to produce good content for lawyers. We disagree.

The authors at SearchCopy understand the subtle differences of the laws in each state. We also know Bar Association advertising guidelines and will help you avoid issues due to misstatements of fact. With a proven combination of content writing, social media marketing, and white-hat SEO, our team offers results that other Internet marketing agencies just can’t match.

How Much Does SEO For Attorneys Cost?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing your specific marketing goals. The cost of law firm SEO depends on the number of keywords you would like to target and the strategies we would need to use to acquire high ranks for those keywords.

Unlike other companies that offer SEO for lawyers, our team designs SEO campaigns to help our clients achieve #1 Google ranks for the lowest possible investment. The key to this is to use more advanced SEO strategies than other attorneys in your area, and to develop a personalized approach to your law firm’s SEO campaign.

Modernize Your Online Presence With Specialized Attorney Website Design

After we evaluate your marketing goals and your competitors’ SEO strategies, our website designers will perform an in-depth evaluation of your website. Your site not only should rank well on Google, but it should also hook visitors with a modern layout and a clever design.

Like a fast-food hamburger to satisfy your hunger, an unattractive website might get the job done – that is, serve as your online business card – but there will definitely be some visible flaws. And those flaws will turn away visitors.

The website designers, content writers, graphics designers, and SEOs at SearchCopy specialize in attorney website development. We will employ the latest strategies for conversion rate optimization to help you convert more visitors into paying clients.

SearchCopy’s Proven Approach To Social Media Marketing For Attorneys

Social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter attract billions of visitors each year. For attorneys, social media marketing is an opportunity to boost your brand awareness and tell your audience that you have the knowledge and experience to help them with their legal needs.

At SearchCopy, we will help you convey professionalism and reliability by posting captivating blog posts, videos, and other content to your social profiles. Our social media managers know what it takes to help attorneys get the most value out of social networks, and we will put that experience to work for you.

How Many Attorneys Has SearchCopy Helped?

The marketing team at SearchCopy has helped more than 100 attorneys reach first-page Google ranks for more than 500 competitive keywords. We have worked with lawyers in almost every practice area including:

  • Immigration attorneys;
  • Real estate lawyers;
  • Personal injury lawyers;
  • Criminal defense attorneys;
  • Divorce lawyers;
  • Business attorneys; and
  • Bankruptcy lawyers.

Unlike other agencies that offer SEO for lawyers, we take a personalized approach to every project we handle. We are meticulous during keyword research, content production, on-page optimization, and every other phase of the SEO process.

If you’re ready to boost your website’s ranks on Google, contact SearchCopy. Call 619-354-5125 today to schedule a consultation.