No real estate agency can stay competitive without an intelligently orchestrated digital marketing campaign…

3 SEO Tips For Real Estate Websites In 2017

No real estate agency can stay competitive without an intelligently orchestrated digital marketing campaign. Although homebuyers won’t be making their purchase in a few clicks, they will certainly use the Web to find real estate agents and to browse through prospective properties.

3 SEO Tips For Real Estate Websites In 2017

What does this mean for real estate companies? If they don’t invest in SEO, they’ll be losing out on thousands of potential clients and millions – perhaps billions – in potential revenue. Let’s take a look at a few effective SEO strategies that are often overlooked by real estate agencies:

1. Encrypt Everything

Google has begun to favor websites with site-wide encryption. This grants users the peace of mind knowing that their information is secure when they browse.

Hackers have plenty of incentive to target real estate websites, which is why search engines are starting to put more value in security features such as encryption. Site-wide encryption establishes the credibility of your company and demonstrates your interest in protecting visitors’ sensitive information.

2. Optimize All Photos

You’ve probably heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” When it comes to real estate websites, though, a picture can be worth millions if it attracts a homebuyer.

This is no secret to real estate agents who have attracted leads on social media. What you may not know, though, is that you can get more SEO value out of your photos by optimizing the  captions, alt tags, titles, and descriptions. Adding the appropriate keywords to these fields will give your photos more exposure and, as a result, will increase the chance of a buyer spotting a picture of your property.

3. Write And Share Blogs That Attract Backlinks

Real estate companies have clued into the fact that social media is incredibly effective for promoting their properties; however, if all you do is post a few photos, you’re overlooking the important role that social media and blogging play in real estate SEO.

Authentic, authoritative backlinks are still an essential component in search engine optimization, but you won’t make any progress by investing in a link scheme. Google has begun to penalize websites that use black-hat link building tactics; however, if you share content on social media that can be referenced by bloggers and other digital publications, it is likely that you will attract valuable backlinks that will help you dominate the search ranks.

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