Whether you own a regional insurance agency or work for a heavy-hitting, international insurance firm…

4 SEO Tips For Insurance Websites In 2017

Whether you own a regional insurance agency or work for a heavy-hitting, international insurance firm, you probably know that digital marketing is the key to attracting new clients. What you may not know, though, is how to outperform companies that have six- or even seven-figure marketing budgets.

4 SEO Tips For Insurance Websites In 2017

Many small insurance agencies have resorted to offering absurdly low premiums to gain a competitive edge. Although this strategy might attract new clients, it does so at the expense of your bottom line.

Instead of sacrificing your profits, consider taking advantage of the following SEO strategies that are often overlooked by large insurance companies:

1. Target More Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are those that have a low search volume but are typically searched by your company’s direct audience. Although key phrases such as “auto insurance California” tend to attract high search volume, it is incredibly difficult and expensive to acquire a high search rank for such a phrase. Instead, look for key phrases that have a lower volume of searches but relate to your niche audience.

For example, if you offer low auto insurance premiums for people who have been convicted of DWI in Texas, you might consider targeting the phrase “cheap DWI auto insurance Texas.” Although this phrase might not attract the same volume as, say, “car insurance Texas,” it would be easier to acquire a high search placement, and the people who search for that phrase would certainly fall into your target audience.

2. Provide More Than Just Insurance Quotes

If you’ve done your homework on SEO, you’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king.” Put simply, websites that consistently publish content that offers value to readers tend to outperform sites that do not.

The reason? Google wants its high-ranking sites to help readers solve their problems. Also, valuable content tends to attract authentic, authoritative backlinks, which are an essential component in SEO.

Instead of just offering insurance quotes, consider establishing a weekly or bi-weekly blog schedule. Insurance blogs are particularly effective if they answer questions that are frequently asked by people who are shopping for insurance. Examples include:

  • What is the average cost of insurance in my state?
  • How can I save money on insurance?
  • Will a DUI cause my auto insurance rates to increase?
  • How do I evaluate an insurance policy?
  • What questions should I ask an insurance agent before committing to a policy?

Be sure to share these blogs on social media. If you need help producing blogs or sharing them on the right social media channels, contact SearchCopy at 757-447-3950.

3. Assess Your Page Speed

An attractive site might captivate your visitors, but it can hold back your ranks on Google if your pages take a long time to load. You can use a free tool like GTmetrix to evaluate your page load speed and identify potential improvements.

4. Perform Local SEO

This is one of the most effective ways to gain an edge over insurance agencies with herculean marketing budgets. If a search-engine user is located near you or is looking for insurance in your area, there’s a good chance that your company will top the ranks if you perform local SEO.

Make sure you have submitted your business’s location to all appropriate directory listings. Also, confirm that your location is correct on Google Maps and on your social media profiles. You should also consider writing geographically targeted blog posts and sharing them in social media groups that relate to your service and your location.

If you have questions about search engine optimization, social media marketing, or other digital marketing strategies, contact SearchCopy. Call 757-447-3950 today to schedule a free SEO audit.



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